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all about me

Hi There Love Bug!

My name is Nat and I love living life to the fullest.  I embrace everything that God puts in my path, and never say no to trying new things.  I am a passionate school teacher, make-up artist, and certified Disney queen.  I drink way too many lattes at Starbucks, and can never have enough mascara or things to laugh at.  I’m also obsessed with trying different restaurants (I must have been a food critic in my past life) and adore watching movies.  So many of my friends come to me for different kinds of advice and ideas, so I thought, why not share it with you?  My blog emulates everything I love and who I am.  I am 100% girly, and my life reflects that!  I blog about all kinds of experiences that I encounter to hopefully show you new ideas or things you can do.  I hope my writing enables you to have/make new experiences with friends and loved ones, and makes you feel like the beautiful person you are!


  • Vine: Natmeetsworld
  • Pinterest:Nat Meets World
  • Email: Natstuart18@gmail.com
  • Instagram: Natimeetsworld
  • Tumblr: Natimeetsworld.tumblr.com
  • Twitter: @Natimeetsworld
  • Facebook: facebook.com/natimeetsworld

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