Wicked on Broadway

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I love musicals.  Like, absolutely love them.  I especially love musicals because they immerse me in a world that I am not part of.  They bring out my imagination and creativity and engrave lasting memories in my heart that I will cherish forever.  I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing Wicked the Musical this week, and I can honestly say, I left the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami with a smile from ear to ear.  No pun intended, but I have been changed for good after watching this broadway legend!


Wicked tells the untold story of the Witches of Oz.  This play takes place before the original Wizard of Oz tale of two young ladies who are polar opposites in personalities.  Elphaba is shy, spicy, and misunderstood.  Not to mention, her skin is as green as freshly cut grass.  Glinda is beautiful, ditzy, and as the story goes, popular!  These two ladies go on a journey through life to attempt to get along and ultimately become the Wicked With of the West and Glinda the Good!


I am really speechless about just how magnificent this show really was.  There are so many reasons why this show has tugged at my heart strings and climbed itself to my all-time favorite musical.   First off, The costumes and make-up were incredible and absolutely vintage and classic.  In addition, the acting was absolutely phenomenal!   In this North America tour, Alyssa Fox plays Elphaba and Carrie St. Louis plays Glinda the Good.  Their vocals were killer and made the show soar off the charts!  It was also such a pleasure to see Ashley Parker Angel as the role of Fiyero, and it brought back memories of my teenage years when I used to jam to his and O-Town’s tunes (ahhh….the boy-band years).  The actors portrayed each character with such emotion that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house by the end of the show.  I especially loved how hysterical Glinda was.  Her hilarious personality stole the spotlight and made me laugh hard.  Really hard.  I wasn’t expecting that!  I also love how there were moments of happiness, sympathy, and empathy.  I felt as if I was right there with them in their journey through Oz!


Making the audience feel part of the show is one aspect in putting on a fabulous performance.  The detail in the set work was also breathtaking.  A stunning life-size dragon hung high above the stage and  was correlated with the show.  It added such a nice touch to the storyline.  I loved how the set had exquisite lighting and dramatic effects with the flying monkeys, and of course, the wonderful wizard himself.  A massive golden mechanical face was center stage in a few scenes which really brought him to life.


Another cool feature of the show is the many ‘Ohhhh’ and ‘Ah-ha’ moments I had in the film.  Since it takes place prior to Dorothy dropping in, you get to understand how certain characters are morphed and set up together.  I felt that getting to understand the story lines prior to the original film allows you to appreciate each character at a deeper level which makes it that much more special.


The music was so amazing, that I of course purchased a copy of the soundtrack (which I’m sure I will be singing for the next month) and a mug (which many of you love bugs know I purchase at every show I visit).  I loved channeling Elphaba with my morning coffee the following day!


I felt this show is appropriate for children for the most part.  There are no inappropriate scenes, however, some of the dialogue may be unrelatable to little ones and may have to be explained in detail later on.  I would also recommend watching the Wizard of Oz prior to the show so that you understand the musical in its entirety.  It can be hard to put two and two together without knowing the original storyline of the Wizard of Oz.


It’s no wonder that Wicked is a box office hit. The music is so amazing and the show is simply stunning, it is a must see in my book again and again.  I give this show five stars (and that’s only because I can’t give it 100)!

5 out of 5 stars

Check here for tour dates to attend the North America Munchkinland Tour of Wicked and check your local theater for deals and discounted tickets.


Have you seen Wicked?  I would love to hear what you think, so comment below!


Disclosure:  All images and opinions are my own.


  1. Hi!

    Wicked has to be one of the best shows of our era. It definitely is one of my favorites, along with Phantom and Les Miserables. Aladdin is another favorite of mine since its opening. I write about musicals, so if you enjoyed Wicked you might want to check out my Wicked articles!

  2. I really have to watch this musical one day.

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