Showing our #DisneySide At A Mickey Mouse Through The Years Party!

Hi Love Bugs!

mickey through the years

Let’s face it, Mickey Mouse is probably the most iconic character ever created.  From his birth in Walt Disney’s 1928 first animated feature film Steamboat Willie, to his modern day short clips on Disney Channel, and everything in between, Mickey is far beyond a cartoon character.  He is a legend.  He is recognizable not only around the globe, but throughout generations as well and no matter how young or old you may be, you can’t help but smile when you see him! (insert big smile here)


I was asked by one of my good friends Leanette, over at TeachMe2Save, to co-host a Disney Side party.  I of course said yes without hesitation.  We decided to make our theme ‘Mickey Through The Years’.  Not only was this theme unique and fun, it allowed our guests of all ages to identify with the mouse himself.  We used several items and pictures to represent Mickey from all eras, and the rest fell into place.  If you are thinking of throwing a multi-generational DisneySide party like we did, check out some of the great ideas we had!


We used several pictures of Mickey from his older films and more current ones with calendar sheets (which were super inexpensive and a great alternative to spending money on expensive photos).  While we used his classic red, black, and yellow colors, we also used several Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed items to represent the more current Mickey to give the theme of the party a good mix!  Make sure you stop at the dollar store before heading over to any other location for decorations.  They have a plethora of Mickey items that you can use!

Check out our bathroom decor!

Check out our bathroom decor!


disney side party food table

For our party, we served several finger foods and appetizers.  Every dish had a ‘Mickey & Friends’ related name!  We also had Mickey Mouse bowls (from Target) to add a little magic to the table!


The labels for the food included:

Daisy’s Deviled Eggs

Hot Diggity Dogs

Mickey’s Mini Tacos

Donald’s Cheese and Quackers

Chip and Dale’s Chips and Dip

Pete’s Pinwheel Spirals

Pluto’s Petite Quiches

Goofy’s Garden Veggies

Plu-ta-to Chips

Minnie’s Meatballs

disney side dessert table

We also had a dessert table with Mickey Cookie Pops and a giant Mickey themed cake, which included his classic red shorts.

Disney Side party snacks

We also had some snacks for the little love bugs to munch on while they played!


My favorite part of our party was our adorable photo booth!  We used props to represent Mickey and his friends from their days on Steamboat Willie to more modern times.  It was such a blast using these props to show our Disney Side!  Our Mickey Mouse friends cut-outs are from Etsy and we also used a black frame and boat steering wheel from Hobby Lobby to complete the Steamboat Willie look.  I also used a small top hat with some ribbon and foam to create some Steamboat Willie hats.

disney side party photo booth props

disney side photo booth pics


We all had a blast using the props and I have to say, this was quite the hit!  You can make some really cute props with inexpensive materials to create some unique memories!


Anyone that knows me, knows I absolutely love playing games at parties.  Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?

disneyside party jeopardy setup

Our first game was a round of Mickey Trivia (which was played in a Jeopardy style).  We had four categories and five questions in each category.  The categories included: Mickey History, Minnie History, Mickey In The Parks, Mickey and Friends.  We used index cards and scrap paper to create the game.

We then divided the party into three teams.  They chose their own group names (which I thought were very clever)!  Team 1: Mickey’s Mouseketeers, Team 2: Oh Toodles!, Team 3: Gaston’s Beauties.  All teams are in the picture below, along with their beautiful trivia host, me!


We had a Mickey plush in the center of the room.  After I read the trivia question, each member’s designated ‘grabber’ would try to grab the Mickey plush first before any other team to answer.  Lets just say, Leanette and I were not expecting such a competitive group (which made it that much more fun)!  Thanks to Leanette video taping the madness, you can see the competition here for yourself!

mickey trivia gameIn the end, Mickey’s Mouseketeers took home the trophy with the win!

disney side party teams

Another fun game was ‘Create a Character’.  Here, teams were given a bag with random items (i.e.- toilet paper, construction paper, ribbon, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, etc.) and were told to create a character using only the items they had in their bags to represent it.  I have to say, if these people were chosen to design outfits for Project Runway, they would probably make jaws drop.  I was really in awe of how creative every team was with the limited resources that they had!  I honestly thought we made it difficult for them to achieve their characters, but they blew me away!


If you visit the Disney parks and mention that you are throwing a Disney Side party, they will be more than happy to provide you with stickers and buttons!  I was able to snag these for our guests on my most recent trip!

disney side party buttons and stickers

Leanette also headed to Target’s dollar section and sent her guests home with some adorable Mickey Mouse planners and other little treats.

My co-host Leanette and I!

My co-host, Leanette and I!

We had such a fun time showing our Disney Side!  Comment below if you have any questions!  I would love to hear your Disney Side party ideas too!


Disclosure:  All images and opinions are my own.


  1. funlovintravelers says:

    I am really impressed with your creativeness! You did a fabulous job and the party looks like it was a blast! I would love to be able to throw a party like this! 🙂

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