Escape The Quest!

Hi Love Bugs!

   My friends and I are always looking for new experiences to try.  Settling into a routine of always doing the same things is very easy to get into, so sometimes we like to spice things up by heading over to new places.  This week, I was able to participate in one of the most fun activities I have ever been a part of.  Based on the world-wide popular online game “Escape the Room”, Escape the Quest offers a unique and mysterious live game that will have you wanting more!

This quote was on the wall as soon as we walked into Escape the Quest!  Kinda perfect considering I am a Disney lover!

This quote was on the wall as soon as we walked into Escape the Quest! Kinda perfect considering I am a Disney lover!

Escape The Quest offers live room escapes, where 2-4 players are locked in a bare room with minimal decor to search for clues and solve puzzles to try to escape within a 60 minute timeframe.  The ‘game’ that my friends and I chose was the Stay of Execution.  This escape was challenging and so fun to solve.  I can’t give away anymore details, because it will ruin the surprise of your visit, but I will say that we had a blast looking for clues and trying to beat the clock.  If you are into solving mysteries and solving problems, you will absolutely love this experience!

My fellow inmates and I after our quest!

My fellow inmates and I after our quest!

Escape the Quest is available for those ages 7 and up.  If children are participating in this experience, someone in their party must be 16 years or older.  I personally do not think this experience is great for children.  The ability level requires advance thinking and problem solving skills and while there isn’t anyone ‘scaring’ you (like in a haunted house), the set-up can be a little dark and scary for some little ones.  In order to participate in these experiences, you will need to be physically mobile since you will be standing, sitting, walking, and scrambling throughout the quest.

escape the quest experiences

Since there are a few experiences to choose from, you will want to check out their website as well as follow Escape The Quest on Instagram and Facebook!   There are currently two Escape the Quest locations, one in Miami and one in Ft. Lauderdale.  The staff at Ft. Lauderdale was awesome!  They really went out of their way to make sure we felt comfortable and helped us out along the way, which ultimately led to our success in escaping!  I really enjoyed chatting with them after our quest about our silly moments and our ‘aha’ moments too.  They also gave us time to take pictures (as shown above) in classic prison attire!


You can purchase any of the experiences directly from the website, but for a limited time, it is on Groupon for half the cost!  Be sure to check this offer out!

My friends and I can’t wait to return and try out some of the other experiences as well as check out the different experiences that the Miami location has to offer!  If you live in or are planning to visit South Florida, you should definitely check out Escape the Quest!


Disclosure:  All images and opinions are my own.  Images of myself and my party were shared with me directly from the vendor.  

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