The Color Run- The Happiest 5K!

Happy Summer Love Bugs!

I have been hitting the gym pretty hard the last few months and I decided to achieve a goal of finally trying out a 5K.  I am so glad that I chose The Color Run as my first race, because it truly is the happiest 5K!

The Color Run travels around the country providing a 5K race full of fun, and well, color!  Their mission is to promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together to participate in “The Happiest 5K on the Planet”.  The Color Run is for everyone of all ages, so it’s great to include your little ones in a fun event that is usually just for adults!  Everyone starts off with clean white clothing.  As you run through the 5K, different color pigments are thrown at you (don’t worry, it’s just like having colored powder blasted at you).  There are four color throwing stations throughout the race (yellow, orange, pink, and blue), so by the time you finish, you are covered in color from head to toe!

color run check in

Two days prior to the race, I checked in at Kohls.  Here I received all of my goodies needed for the race.  The check-in experience was fun too because there is a DJ and a cotton candy booth!  There are a plethora of adorable accessories for the race available for purchase such as headbands, glasses, backpacks, and my favorite, tu-tus!

Look how clean we were before the race!  Ready for color!

Look how clean we were before the race! Ready for color!

My team, the Fab 4, showed up early for the race!  We were dressed in our Color Run gear!  Running with a team is even more fun than running alone.  When you register, be sure to create a group!  Not only is it more fun, you will save a few bucks by running with a team!

color run team

Our first stop along the run was the yellow station!  Post-it is an official sponsor, so I enjoyed the giant wall where we were able to write what makes us happy on various pos-it colors!

color run yellow zone post its

Next stop, the orange station!

color run orange zone

After running through two stations, we finally reached my favorite, the pink station!

color run pink zone

And last nut not least, towards the end of the race was the blue station!  I took a picture of my team after each station so you can see the color progression!


At the very end of the race, there is a giant happy finish line!  This was the highlight of the race!  I was so happy I made it all the way!

color run finish line copy

color run before and after

We picked up our medals and headed over the the after party where a live DJ had us dancing the morning away!  We also received packets of colors with our medals so we could continue the color blasting on our own!

color run finish line

color run finish line party

There are also various vendors at the after party handing out sample goodies and offering their services.  My favorite was the Crystal Light booth that gave out samples of Crystal Light flavors and had a cool photo area!

color run crystal light group

color run crystal light banner

I also enjoyed the various kind bars that were given at this event!  It was a great snack to munch on after a long race!

color run kind bar

Now I know what you’re thinking…..How did I get in my car and go home without staining everything?  Well, to be honest, I came prepared.  I covered my drivers seat with a large towel so that I wouldn’t stain my car seat.  After I got home, I made sure to head directly to the shower so that I wouldn’t stain anything.  It worked well, and I have to say, all of the color pigment came off of me with just soap.

color run shout dry bar

Before boarding your car however, there are blower stations at the event that allow you to get some of that excess color removed before you go home.

color run group

All in all I had a fabulous time at The Color Run, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!  Be sure to check out The Color Run Tour Dates so that you can sign up for it when it arrives to your hometown!  Whether you’re looking to reach a goal, or just want a little bit of fun, this is the event for you!


Disclosure:  All images and opinions are my own.

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