Rod Man Comedy

Hey There Love Bug,

This month I had the pleasure of seeing Rod Man, winner of Last Comic Standing, at the Improv in Ft. Lauderdale!


Rod Man was my all time favorite on Last Comic Standing, so when I saw he was coming to town, I knew he had to get my hand on tickets.  Watching him every week made me laugh so hard, my belly hurt, so I hoped his stand up was going to be the same.

Rod Man Brochure

This show surpassed my expectations.  Not only did he perform several sets that he did on the show, but he added a few more hysterical sets that are so relatable to everyones life.  The entire auditorium was laughing hysterically throughout the entire show.  I often times had to wipe the tears from my face from laughing so hard.  Some of the topics discussed were family, police officers, marriage, children, and much more.

improv Nat

I also loved how he interacted with the crowd and incorporated what was happening with the audience live.  His improv was exceptional!  Rod Man uses mostly clean comedy without profanity, but some of his topics can be a little on the rated R side.

To get tickets to see Rod Man, make sure you check the schedule to see when he is visiting your nearest city!

Have you seen Rod Man on tour?  What did you think?  Comment below!


Disclosure: All images and opinions are my own.

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