The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Review

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Today is the day Hunger games fans have been waiting for!  It’s the premiere of The Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2!  I had the pleasure of checking it out with two of my closest friends yesterday, and am so excited to share my thoughts with you!

hunger games

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 begins where Part 1 left off with Katniss continuing her journey to find peace for the districts.  the storyline is fantastic and includes many of the beloved characters  joining Katniss to destroy Snow.  Along their journey, they encounter several dangers and have quite the mission to complete their task.  You will not be disappointed with this film.  The acting is superb, special effects are spot on, and you will be biting your nails until the very end.  It is action packed and  the costuming is also intricate and so unique.   I felt sadness, anxiousness, and happiness throughout many parts of the film, which I loved (because who doesn’t like to enjoy various emotions?).  It was bittersweet to see the ending because although I was so sad that the series is completely over, I was delighted with the way they ended the franchise.  This film was definitely my favorite of the four!

You are not going to want to wait until this comes out on DVD and Blu Ray to watch the finale of this iconic series!  Because of the detail above, I rate this movie 5 stars!

5 out of 5 stars

Comment below on what you thought about The Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2!


Disclosure:  All opinions are my own.

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