Disney’s Newsies on Broadway

Hello Little Love Bug,

This week I had the absolute pleasure of finally seeing a broadway show that has been on my bucket list, Disney’s Newsies!


Newsies is set in the 1930s in New York where a homeless newsboy named Jack Kelly forms a union with the other newsboys in his trade to strike against the owner of the newspaper for making it harder for them to earn a living.  Along the way, he meets a lovely writer, Katharine, who helps him publicize his fight for what is right.  This show is inspired by the 1992 Newsies movie directed by Kenny Ortega!


It is no wonder Newsies won the Tony Award in 2012 for best score and choreography.  The dancing really dropped my jaw to the floor!  I was so impressed with the way the choreography was infused into the storyline. The music is also exquisite, and I wasn’t expecting anything less (being that Alan Menken was behind all of it).  His ability to bring stories come alive through all of his Disney films and shows is uncanny and this show was no different.   The determination and strive to succeed from the main character (Jack Kelly) was really uplifting and motivating, which I loved as well!


I have to say, I dig anything thats vintage.  The costuming, props, setting, and even the thick New York accents from the cast took me back to the 1930s, and for a while there, I was lost back in time.  This was truly impressive and refreshing!   While I absolutely loved this play, I can see how the storyline may be confusing for children, so if you do end up getting to experience it with children, you may have to give additional information as to what is going on.   I absolutely loved Newsies and would recommend it to anyone that loves theater or wants to check out a new play.


Newsies is now on a national tour and it may be coming to a city near you!  Be sure to check out the tour schedule!

Have you seen Newsies?  What did you think about it?  Comment below!


Disclosure:  All images and opinions are my own.

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