Finding Dory

Happy Summer Love Bugs!

School is officially out, so what better way to kick off the summer than to (finally) see the much anticipated film Finding Dory (insert squeal here)! My sissy and I headed over to the theaters to see everyone’s favorite blue tang and clown fish in classic ‘fishy’ style!  Check out these adorable tanks from JCPenney!


Finding Dory tells the story of how Dory ended up in the deep blue sea and her journey to ultimately find her family.  This film was absolutely spectacular.  Here are five reasons why you’ll love Finding Dory!

5. The Stellar Cast

This film included a lot of the same cast from Finding Nemo which gives it an authentic feel to it the second time around.  Ellen portrayed Dory once again giving her an amazing personality!  In addition, stars like Ed O’Neill, Ty Burrell, Diane Keaton, and Eugene Levy all lend their voices to some incredible characters.  This A-list celebrity roster is a great bonus to the film!

4. The New Characters

If you liked the characters in Finding Nemo, you will LOVE the new ones in Finding Dory!  Pixar did a spectacular job of introducing some really spunky, charming, and hilarious new characters in this sequel.  Don’t worry though, many of the originals are back!  I can tell that children and adults will fall in love with these new characters and we can plan to see more of them in a future (hopefully) sequel or at the Disney parks.  My favorites had to be Becky, Hank, Gerald, and the A-DORE-A-BLE otters that melted my heart!  Speaking of characters, make sure you stay put after the movie is over for a special surprise after the credits are done rolling!

3. The Storyline

Disney movies are simply amazing because they can make you go through all sorts of feelings all in a matter of 90 minutes.  This film is no different.  I felt saddness, happiness, determination, fearful, anxious, and of course, all the warm fuzzy feels around my heart throughout the entire film.  I love that the storyline was cleverly written to allow these feelings, but my favorite parts were the comical ones.  There were so many hilarious moments!

2. Animation

No one does animation better than Disney and Pixar.  Finding Dory has such beautiful colors, depth, and design.  I literally felt like I was in the ocean!  I also love how I was able to spot some hidden Mickeys and the ever popular A-113 sign.  My favorite added bonus, however, was the picture of Darla!  Be sure to look out for these added ‘easter eggs’

1. The Message

There are a lot of different themes or morals in this film, but the one that I resonated with the most was that you can do anything if you put forth effort and try.  No matter what you think your limitation is, you can work hard to achieve your dream.  As an educator, I feel this is a strong message that all children should be exposed to to boost their confidence and self esteem.


I give this film five stars!

5 out of 5 stars

Did you check out Finding Dory?  What did you think?  Comment Below!


Disclosure:  Images with watermarks and opinions are my own.

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