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As an elementary school teacher, nothing brings me more joy than watching my little love bugs fall in love with stories through literature.  There are very few authors that have the ability to execute several stories that touch the lives of children in such a profound way.  This is why I absolutely love reading Roald Dahl’s books to my students each and every year.  I was so pumped when I heard that Steven Spielberg was making the BFG, one of Roald Dahl’s most famous works (which I read every year), on the big screen!  I finally got the opportunity to check it out and fell in love instantly!  Here are three reasons why you’ll love The BFG!

3. The Storyline

The storyline of this film is very closely related to the book.  It tells the tale of Sophie, an orphan who encounters a giant, who despite his odd appearance and mannerisms, is a kind-hearted soul who is treated poorly by other giants like himself because he refuses to eat little children like they do.  I was very pleased that the book was well represented with the film in the sense that the use of vocabulary and emotional connection between Sophie and the giant were evident.  There were several short comical lines, but overall, it was a heart warming, fuzzy kind of story.  I found myself tearing up a bit at the end of the film because it was so beautifully done.  Steven Spielberg did it again!

2. The Graphics

One of the most shocking aspects of the film had to be the graphics.  I kept having to do double takes when I was watching the giants on the screen because there were several moments where I thought they were real.  It is really amazing how we have the technology to add texture to skin to make hair, wrinkles, and spots look so incredibly real.  the attention to detail on the giants faces was truly mind blowing!

1. The Educational Tie

The theme of this film is one that should be taught at a young age.  Looks can be deceiving and it is our inner person that matters.  I really love how parents and teachers can instill this in the little ones because it is so important, especially in times like these, for us to look at beauty from within and ‘not judge a book by its cover’.  Like the book, there are several made-up words and difficult vocabulary words that may be confusing to children.  I would highly recommend reading the book and discussing it with your child prior to watching the movie to avoid the questions that can arise during the film.  It also makes the film more exciting for them to see it after reading the book because they will have seen the images in their heads come to life!


If you haven’t seen The BFG, head over to your movie theater!  You won’t be dissappointed!  This movie was so touching to me, I would give it five stars!

5 out of 5 stars

What did you think of the film?  Comment below!


Disclosure:  I do not own the rights to the images on this post.  All opinions are my own.

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