Bad Moms Night In

Hey There Love Bug,


Last week I hung out with my friend Leanette over at Funtastic Life and some other girlfriends to have a girls night with Bad Moms, which is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray!

The night started out with some light cocktails and dinner.  We all laughed until we cried with our own bad mom stories and enjoyed hanging out before getting comfy for our movie night!


Our amazing host gave us our goodie bags which were stuffed with our favorite candy for the film, as well as ear plugs, a sleep mask, nail snaps, an awesome wine holder, and my favorite, a hilarious & sarcastic adult coloring book.  Now we were ready to party!


Bad Moms tells the story of three exhausted and overlooked moms who have been pushed to their limits.  They decide to dump their ‘normal’ mommy responsibilities and enjoy life a little bit more without being uptight.  This movie literally made me laugh out loud so much that I had to run to the bathroom so I wouldn’t pee my pants.  While Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell did a fantastic job with their roles, Kathryn Hahn was my absolute favorite of the bunch.  She really made the movie with her hysterical lines and comebacks.  This movie is very relatable to any woman who has kids in their life, which is what makes it so hysterical.


I give Bad Moms five stars for its hilarious writing, talented cast, and its ability to relate to all modern moms!

5 out of 5 stars

Be sure to catch Bad Moms on DVD and Blu-Ray today!

Have you seen Bad Moms?  What did you think?  Comment below!


Disclosure:  I was invited to attend this Bad Moms Night In.  All opinions and images are my own.  Trademarked items in these images belong to their respective owners.

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