UNICEF Kid Power

Hey There Love Bug,


Each year I try to partner with a charity or organization to give back to others in need.  This year, I had the privilege of incorporating my 4th grade students at school to make a difference in the lives of little love bugs around the world!

My kiddos and I partnered with  UNICEF Kid Power.  We are getting active and saving lives by wearing wristbands that measure how many steps we take and how active we are.  The more steps we take, the more points we earn, and the more points we earn, the more lifesaving therapeutic food packets are given to malnourished children all over the world.  Throughout the next few months, we will be completing missions (or lessons) in class that are based on fitness and staying active as well as becoming more aware of areas around the world that are not as fortunate as we are in relation to nutrition and access to food.  These missions can be infused into every subject area, which is fantastic for an interdisciplinary unit!  Students will also use a “passport” (provided by UNICEF) to reflect on their missions and document their achievements each week with their bands and rewards.  These concepts will allow students to also become more culturally aware of global concerns.

While I am using this in my classroom, you don’t have to be a teacher to participate in this amazing organization!  You can actually purchase bands for yourself or each member in your family directly from UNICEF!  Purchase your (or your little one’s) wristband here and get moving with us to make a difference!  The bands are water resistant and not only do they act as a pedometer, but they also tell time, have a week worth of battery charge, have no monthly data fee, and can be linked to the UNICEF Kid Power app (on iOS & Android) to monitor progress made.  This is a great way to get your family active all while helping others.

My students were so excited to get their bands and begin this journey with me and I can’t wait to see how much we can accomplish within the next few months!  Check back for updates throughout our journey, and root on the Warrior Wookies (yes, that’s our team name and I think it shows our love for Star Wars perfectly)!  Until then, don’t forget to check out UNICEF Kid Power on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for testimonials, updates, and more information on how you and your family can make a difference!

UNICEF Kid Power is sponsored by Target and Star Wars Force For Change.

Questions or comments?  Just ask below!


Disclosure:  All UNICEF Kid Power bands were given to me for the use of my students.  All opinions and images are my own.  Unicef and Star Wars logo in my image are copyrighted by their prospective owners.

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