Chinese Lantern Festival

Hey There Love Bugs!


Last week I was able to hang out in West Palm Beach and enjoy the Chinese Lantern Festival.  It was a beautiful day ,so I figured I would spend it under the Florida sunshine and immerse myself in Chinese culture.  This festival included various lanterns all of which are made of glass, silk, and ceramic and took over 30,000 hours of labor to design and create all of the intricate lanterns!  These vibrant lanterns represented much f nature including animals and plants and truly made the park illuminate in a beautiful way!  Guests were able to stroll the park at their leisure to check out the lanterns throughout the evening.  Here are a few of my favorites!






In addition to the lanterns, we were able to enjoy watching the art of Tai Chi and Kung Fu from various professional young athletes.  It was nice to see something different that I didn’t really know much about and see it explained and done in such a tasteful way.  At the end of the show, the audience (adults and children) are invited to the stage to learn a few techniques of this ancient form of defense.  It was fun to see the kids get into it!

There are also food booths that served Chinese chicken, lo mein, pot stickers, and white rice.  There is also a pavilion with various pieces of Chinese jewelry, artifacts, art work, and other handmade crafts for sale.  I really enjoyed looking at everything that was handmade and in awe of some of the artists making portraits, sugar art and dough mannequins.  It was quite impressive!

The Chinese Lantern Festival will be in Boca Raton in West Palm beach at the Sunset Cove amphitheater until April 9th.  You can snag tickets on Groupon or on the festival website.  You can also check out the festival website to see when the festival will be in your area!


Disclosure:  All images and opinions are my own.

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