The Little Mermaid on Broadway

Hi Love Bug,


Last month, my broadway show dreams came true!  I was FINALLY able to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway!  When this show made its debut in the big apple I was determined to see it, but sadly, I wasn’t able to make it to New York before it finished its course.  Years went by, and there was no talk of a tour so I let it go (as Elsa would say) and moved on.  Then, out of no where, a tour was announced and I was able to snag tickets!  I’m sure many of you Disney fanatics, like myself, would love to see this show, so here are 5 reasons why you’ll want to grab tickets to The Little Mermaid when it comes to a town near you!

5. The Storyline

I love when shows or remade films stick to the original storyline and that is exactly what this show did.  There were a few different concepts added to the story, but it didn’t take away from the original plot.  The only aspect that was completely different from the original film is that Vanessa (Ursula’s human character) does not make an appearance in the show.  Besides that, everything else was pretty much like the original film.

4. The Costumes

I know disney costuming is always top notch, and this production was no exception. The costumes were exquisite and portrayed each and every character in such a beautiful way.  the colors of the fabrics were rich and perfect for theater.  I love how they used long flowing fabric at the ends of the mermaid’s tails to give a flowing touch to the scenes.  My absolute favorite costume had to be Ursula’s.  She was bigger than life and her makeup was stunning!

3. The Music

Alan Menken, the genius behind the music of a plethora of Disney films and broadway shows, developed the music for this amazing show.  No surprise here since he developed all of the music for the original The Little Mermaid film.  This production includes all of the beloved songs from the original film, however, there are a few other songs that were added to the show that aren’t in the 1989 film.  I enjoyed listening to the new songs  and felt they are appropriate to the storyline.  The best part is that this album is on iTunes so I can listen to it often!


2. The Acting

What is a broadway show without some talented actors?  I was so impressed with this cast and their execution of their roles!  I absolutely love how almost every character had at least one funny line in the show to get the audience laughing.  Sebastian and Scuttle were so hilarious I found myself wiping tears from laughing so hard at some points.  I was definitely connected to the actors and was completely zoned in by their performance.

1.The Special Effects

The first thought on my mind for this show was how are they going to make it seem like were under the sea?  Well, I was stunned when the curtain opened and ‘the sea’ came to life.  the movement of the actors and effects used to make the audience feel like they are transported from land to sea is incredible.  I love how they used roller skate shoes and cables to have the actors fly through the air to look like they’re swimming.  It was truly a stunning sight!


Were you able to see this amazing show on tour?  Comment below with your thoughts!


Disclosure:  All images and opinions are my own.


  1. Sounds incredible! Glad you enjoyed it!

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