Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon at Universal Orlando

Happy Spring Love Bugs!

race through NY universal ball.jpg

I was so incredibly blessed to have been able to check out The Tonight Show’s new ride, Race Through New York featuring my all time favorite man, Jimmy Fallon at Universal Orlando after attending a taping of The Tonight Show.  Those that know me well know how obsessed I am with the Tonight Show and nothing could take the smile off my face throughout my entire experience at this amazing new attraction!  My sister and I packed up our luggage and drove up early to be part of this special celebration, and I have to say, being around other Fal-pal’s made me sooooo happy.  The hype was truly surreal and I had the best weekend ever!

race through NY entrance ew

Ew!  Race to New York is finally open!

After the taping of The Tonight Show, we headed over to Race Through New York to check out the ride.  Here are five reasons you’ll love Universal Orlando’s newest attraction, Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon!

5. The Virtual Queue

Did you know that Race Through New York is the first ride on the Universal Orlando property that doesn’t require you to stand in long boring lines? Simply link your park ticket to your Universal Orlando app and select your ride time!  This new virtual queue allows guests to roam the park at their leisure and return to the ride when it is time to check it out, leaving the wait time to minimal or no wait!  When you arrive to the first floor, you’ll be given a colored plastic card (like the one pictured in the photo above).  You’ll hold on to this until the lights on the first floor turn the color of the card in your hand.  Once the lights change color, you’ll head upstairs and lounge around until the lights there change to match the color of your card.  Once that happens, you turn your card in, watch the pre-ride video, and then board the ride!  Simple as that!  The first floor has some great nostalgic Tonight Show artifacts and the second floor has several games to play and live entertainment while you wait, which makes it super fun!  Check out the pictures below!

race through NY stairway.jpg

4. The Nostalgia

As I just mentioned, the first floor of the Race Through New York lounge has 6 different display cases with props and memorabilia from all of the previous (and current) Tonight Show hosts.  I absolutely love how they have actual segments from each host’s shows with televisions that relate to that specific time in life.  It was so neat to see how NBC and The Tonight Show evolved over time!  Check out some of the cases below!

3.  The Characters and Tonight Show Staff

Being an avid Tonight Show watcher, I was ecstatic to see my favorite characters and segments incorporated in the ride!  For example, Sara and Stepdad Gary make their appearance in the pre-ride safety video and on the actual ride itself.  The Tight pants dude is on the ride as well.  The Rag Time gals actually perform live for guests waiting on the second floor of the ride and Hashtag the Panda is available for meet and greet just outside of the ride as well as after select performances of the Rag Time Gals.  The Roots & Steve Higgins also make their appearance in the pre-ride show and on the ride as well.  The attention to incorporating these popular characters was spot on and I love how quickly they put smiles on guests faces!  It was so great to see every part of the Tonight Show within the attraction at some point!

race through NY rag time gals

2. The Gift Shop

If you love the Tonight Show, this gift shop is going to strain your wallet.  I couldn’t believe how many cool items this shop had!  For years I had been searching for Tonight Show themed attire and couldn’t find it anywhere…until now!  There are tons of mugs, tumblers, shirts, jackets, and other knick knacks based on the ride, The Tonight Show, Sara, Hashtag, the Rag Time Gals, the tight pants skit, the classroom instruments skit, the list goes on and on.  There is something for everyone here!  My personal favorite are the Hashtag slippers and the zip up hoodies with the ride logo.  While I was in the gift shop, I notice Kirk from The Roots was right in front of me and of course I started fan-girling sooooo hard!  He was the NICEST guy ever!  It was such a pleasure to chat with him!

race through NY the roots

race through NY staiirway2

1. The Ride

Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon takes guests through a simulator 3-D race against Jimmy throughout the Big Apple.  Along the way, you’ll encounter various famous faces and a few run-ins with New York workers along the street.  I won’t spoil it all for you, but be sure you can inhale deeply when you see the pizza stand!  Another cool ‘fun fact’ is that Jimmy’s wife and little ones are in the ride as well!  Look all the way to the left when you run into Sara and Stepdad Gary!  I love the special effects that were used for this ride too!  The race through the city is so fun and full of laughs!

Overall, the virtual queue, incorporation and attention to detail on the architecture and the infusion of the Tonight Show characters, and the overall ride was fantastic!  I would highly recommend it to all of the Fal Pal’s that check out Universal Orlando!

Also, if you’re heading to New York soon and are thinking about being part of the Tonight Show audience, you wont regret it!  Check out my post about my Tonight Show audience experience!

Have you checked out Race Through New York yet?!  What did you think? Comment below!


Disclosure:  All images and opinions are my own.


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