The Color Run 5K 2017

Hey There Love Bug!

color run post party.jpg

The Color Run finally made it’s way to sunny Ft. Lauderdale, and I have to say, I was sooo stoked to be part of all the fun again this year! They don’t call it the happiest 5K for nothin’!

color run float.jpg

The Color Run is a 5K tour that travels all around the US providing the happiest and most fun 5K you will ever run!  It promotes and celebrates happiness, healthiness, and individuality.  It is the largest running series in the world with over 6 million runners in over 35 countries!

color run splurge 2.jpg

As you make your way around the course, you’ll be doused in various color powders that will bring a smile to your face the entire race.  By the end of the course, you’ll wear your medal wth pride as you show off the various colors you’ve been sprinkled with from head to toe!

color run unicorn headband.jpg

This years Color Run included more magic than ever!  Not only were there several color stations throughout the course, but there is a new foam zone with even MORE color!  Yes, you read that right, colorful foam!   Not only that, this years mascot is a UNICORN (Insert happy dance here)!!!  I live for all things fictional so this was especially exciting for me since I love unicorns!

color run unicorn.jpg

Here are some tips for your next Color Run!

1. The more white you wear, the better!  We picked up our Color Run shirts (included in your registration) along with our bibs and some other goodies at pre-registration booths at Kohls.  The shirts given to runners are white, so we went ahead and wore them so make sure we could show off our color along the race!  Don’t be shy with accessories either!  We loved wearing our unicorn headbands to show off our love for them along the race course!  Tutus and other fun gear are also seen frequently on runners!

color run dream.jpg

2. Running with a team is so much more fun than running alone!  Not to mention, you’ll knock off a few bucks for your registration when you register with a team!

color run foam party.jpg

3. The Color Run is for everyone of all ages!  Little ones and seniors can also be part of this magical race!

color run color zones.jpg

4.  Stop and enjoy the stations!  This is an untimed race!  There is no need to hurry through it!  You can enjoy getting spritzed with colored powder and check out some of the fun activities they offer along the way!

color run drums.jpg

5. I know what you’re thinking…..What kind of a mess am I in for when my whole family is covered in color?  While the color can be messy, there are blowers at the end of the race to remove excess color from your body.  I also made sure to lay a towel down on my drivers seat before the race even began to keep my car as clean as possible.  In addition, I used running shoes that weren’t new to make sure that they wouldn’t get ruined with color.  After washing my sneakers and clothes, the color came off and they looked great!  None of the color is permanent so don’t worry about it permanently staining your clothes.  I was able to get all of the color right off with just warm water and soap!

color run medal bite.jpg

6.  Be sure to check out the after party!  While the DJ rocks out with the crowd, more color is thrown at runners partying with him.  In addition, there are several vendors handing out snacks and samples!

color run foam zone

Whether you’re looking for something to do or just want to have fun with friends and family, this is the event for you!  Don’t be shy to comment below!

color run tattoo.jpg


Disclosure:  All images and opinions are my own.

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