Finding Neverland on Broadway


Hey There Love Bug!

Last week I had the privilege of checking out Finding Neverland on their North American Tour.  To say that this show was beautiful, is a total understatement!  I was truly blown away at this production of how the classic tale of Peter Pan all began.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you’ll love Finding Neverland!

5. The Era

I’m a sucker for all things vintage.  Finding Neverland goes back to the late 1800s/early 1900s in London, England.  It includes verbiage and portrays life through various concepts throughout the entire play.  It’s truly refreshing in the sense that many of the things portrayed in the play aren’t around much anymore.  The interaction between characters is also ‘vintage’ which correlates with the actual story of Peter Pan.

4. The Magic

There are several parts in this play that offer magical moments.  Whether its Peter Pan flying in the sky while the sparkle blows all over the stage (which literally made me shed tears because of how beautiful it was) to the magic bounced off from actor to actor, this play has lots of special magical moments that will make your jaw drop.

3. The Music

The music in this play is phenomenal.  I was blown away with the talent and voices of the main actors, especially the kids!  It was just as magical as the music in the original Peter Pan film.  I definitely felt the each of the characters emotions through their vocal performance.

2. The Costumes

Who doesn’t love a good vintage wardrobe?  The costumes worn by the actors were tailored and worn so beautifully, I felt I had traveled back in time.  This is what made the play truly authentic to the time era.  From the set up of the scenery to the wardrobe of each character, I was super impressed with the portrayal of it all.

1. The Mood

I love stories that make my emotions change.  This play was no exception.  You will smile, laugh, cry, feel happy, feel sad, feel upset etc. There are also many comical moments infused in several parts of the play which made the audience laugh frequently too.  I also felt a strong connection with love and family and the importance of the roles of each of our loved ones.  It was truly a beautiful story that is relatable in so many ways, but ultimately, it teaches us to never lose hope on our dreams.


Have you checked out Finding Neverland?  Click here to check out tour dates for your area!  Tell me what you thought about it below!



Disclosure:  All images and opinions are my own.

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