Sound of Music on Broadway

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A few months ago I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite films of all time come to life on the Broadway stage.  The Sound of Music is a classic tale and one that has been shared through many generations.  The North American tour of this beloved musical is well underway, and if you’re pondering whether or not to snag tickets, I’m here to tell you to stop wondering and start purchasing!  Here are five reasons why you’ll love The Sound of Music on Broadway!

5. The Storyline

If you’re like me, I hate when recreations of classics are altered from the original masterpiece.  The Sound of Music stuck with the original storyline through every concept from start to finish.  Guests will go through Maria’s journey of whether or not to become a nun.  She is given the position to become a nanny to the Von Trapp children whose father is a widowed military man.  She eventually falls in love with him, but not before building a strong bond with his children first.  The musical is totally in sync with the original film, so my smile never left my face!

4. The Set

This classic film took place in an era long ago, so it can definitely be difficult to recreate such a timeless generation.  I have to say, the set department blew me away with their work!  I truly felt like I stepped into a time machine.  The attention to detail in the background as well as the Von Trapp mansion is jaw dropping.  You would think you’re really there!

3. The humor

This tale isn’t always smiles and warm hearted.  There are moments that will make viewers upset or feel sorry for some characters.  What I love about the musical is that there are many knee slapping moments that lighten the mood.  It’s a great balance to the feelings you will get when watching the show!

2. The Music

Who doesn’t love music from Roger & Hammerstein?!  This dynamic duo nailed the beautiful songs in this show.  I love how there are originals like the ever so popular, “My Favorite Things” and “The Sound of Music”, but I also love how some new songs were included to spice the show up!

1. The Kids

As a teacher, I’m all about the kids and this show casted some truly incredible talent with the little Von Trapps.  The acting and singing that came out of those wee little ones was magnificent.  They alone, make the show worth seeing!  Nothing like starting off a love for theater with little ones!

sound of music the musical

Don’t wait!  Check out The Sound of Music on tour now!  Have you seen this stellar show?  What did you think?  Comment below!



Disclosure:  All images and opinions are my own.


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