Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

Happy Monday Love Bugs, I love learning about charities and trying to do my best to contribute to others when I can.  I feel it is our duty as healthy people to give to those who can benefit from research or equipment that can allow them to overcome or assist with their illnesses or disabilities. […]

Knaus Berry Farm

Good Evening Love Bugs, I had the opportunity to head down south(waaaayyyyyy south) to Homestead, Florida with my best friend for a great day at the Knaus Berry Farm.  This farm is taken care of by the Amish that live in Pennsylvania.  They travel down here to run the farm and then head back home […]

Paints N’ Cocktails

Hello Love Bugs, If you live in the South Florida area, or plan to visit soon, you have to check out Paints N’ Cocktails!  I recently discovered this little hangout with two of my besties, and had a blast! At Paints N’ Cocktails you can paint a specific painting assigned from the company to each […]

iPic Theaters

Hi Love Bugs! I am always looking for a movie theater that provides comfort and a great experience.  Lately, every theater I go to feels more like a hassle than a quick getaway.  Then, I discovered iPic Theaters.  I decided to give it a try and I must say, I do not see myself going […]