Paints N’ Cocktails

Hello Love Bugs, If you live in the South Florida area, or plan to visit soon, you have to check out Paints N’ Cocktails!  I recently discovered this little hangout with two of my besties, and had a blast! At Paints N’ Cocktails you can paint a specific painting assigned from the company to each […]

Cuisinart Juicer Makes Eating Veggies a Piece of Cake!

Hi Love Bugs! Along with half of the U.S. population, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight.  Every year I think of new ways to slim down, and when find something that works, I stick to it.  One of the hardest things for me to do is eat fruits and vegetables.  I […]

Welcome To Nat Meets World!

Hi There Love Bug! My name is Nat and I love living life to the fullest.  I embrace everything that God puts in my path, and never say no to trying new things.  I am a passionate school teacher, make-up artist, and certified Disney queen.  I drink way too many lattes at Starbucks, and can […]